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I would sing an aria of pain to your endearments and wiles.

Posted by mneme on November 12, 2006

I’ve already done a lot of ‘writing in the raw’ tonight, maybe something publishable will come of that writing. But D.W. suggested the kernel of my idea is more suggestive of a short short, something SciFi or the like and now I find myself faced with writing pure (or mostly) fiction verses the lands I normally dwell, creative non fiction leaning toward memoirs or analytical articles of persuasion. I haven’t written pure fiction, well not and finished it, in years.

So, the experiment, yes. An old site I’ve enjoyed once again proved to offer up an odd bit of language which felt inspriational. The Surrealist Compliment Generator gave me what you see in the title line. Now I shall try to write something, anything, which arias of pain inspire.

Ahhh, it appears this experiment shall have to hold till the morning, my officially domesticated ex-feral Tomcat has just come to drop himself at the door between the computer room and the bedroom. He chastises me for introducing him to the joys of house living, especially potent catnip and a bed with a heating blanket, and then pushing him deep into withdrawal by continually letting the dark hours seep by seated at my computer. Ahhh, he was a night owl once too. Perhaps too soft a bed has been the demise of many artist’s before???

I’ll see if the sticky juices of creation are still dripping between the grooves of my brain and stirring up in their process anything of interest still. Tomorrow then.


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